Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tech Tip of the Day: Wonderopolis

Inspiring Quotation

This image is the "manifesto" of a famous Canadian yoga/athletic wear clothing company called Lululemon. It is one of my absolute favourite stores and a lot of my money seems to end up here! When you purchase something at Lululemon, you get a reusable shopping bag covered with these quotations. To view it online, follow this link:

Tech Tip of the Day: Wonderopolis

Wonderopolis is a site that I love for fostering inquiry and developing questioning and research skills. Each day, this site poses a new open ended question that challenges your students to think. I know some classroom teachers who visit Wonderopolis each day with their a whole class in the early years and as an activity for individual students who complete their work early. It's a great way to challenge your gifted and talented learners and can spark many investigations and inquiry projects. 

All previous "wonders" are archived so there's a lot to see and explore on this great site.

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