Friday, August 7, 2015

Tech Tip of the Day: Tube Chop

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Tech Tip of the Day
I know that YouTube is a site that I would be absolutely lost without....I use it in my personal life for music, how to videos and tutorials, and planning vacations. At school, I use it for movement breaks, music, stories, and research. When using it in the classroom, often the advertisements are a concern. Other times, you only want to show a segment of a video and not have to search through the video to find it while your busy little students wait...not so patiently usually!

The answer is Tube Chop available at This site allows you to copy and paste a video's link from YouTube, then use the sliders on either end to find the exact segment of the video you want to show. Tube Chop then creates a brand new url for the video segment. 

What's the downside? You need internet to access Tube Chop, and chopped videos can't be downloaded using Mozilla Firefox Download Helper. It appears that they can be, but then it downloads the full video instead. 

However, if you have internet access, Tube Chop is a very useful tool for isolating a segment of a video and removing annoying, and often inappropriate, advertisements. 

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