Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Milky Rainbow

For our science cluster on colours, my student teacher and I did a lesson on primary and secondary colours and colour mixing. We decided that the ever-popular "Milky Rainbow" experiment would meet the outcomes nicely and it was a huge success! Check out our pictures below:

Following the experiment, we viewed pictures on the SMART Board of each group's milky rainbow. We used this Notebook slide to further explore colour mixing. This colour mixing game is excellent for a whole class activity or a play centre.

Beginning, Middle, and End

My student teacher taught a terrific lesson this morning in ELA on beginning, middle, and end. She began with the nursery rhyme "Humpty Dumpty" on word cards in the pocket chart. The students did shared reading of the nursery rhyme several times, then rebuilt the nursery rhyme in the pocket chart. Pictures from the nursery rhyme were sequenced and identified as beginning, middle, and end. Next, my student teacher read the book "Our Tree Named Steve" by Alan Zweibel. Here are some of the tools she used:

A Classic Sesame Street Video from YouTube on Beginning, Middle, and End

SMART Notebook file: Race Track for Beginning, Middle, and End
As the story progressed, the students moved the car from beginning, middle, to end. Pictures from the story were scanned and placed above beginning, middle, and end in the Notebook file.

Junior Kindergarten Beginning, Middle, End Response Sheet
Junior Kindergarten students drew a picture from the story, explained it to an adult, then circled beginning, middle, or end to indicate where their picture came from in the story.

Senior Kindergarten Beginning, Middle, End Response Sheet
Senior Kindergarten students drew a picture from each part of the story. They printed letters, words, and sentences to match their pictures.

Our Tree Named Steve