Sunday, January 29, 2017

Reindeer Rescue Wrap Up

Well Christmas might be over, but we still had a few loose ends to tie up in my classroom. On the last day of junior kindergarten before Christmas holidays, we held our Reindeer Rescue Art and Craft Sale. Check out this earlier post to learn all about the project's inception, and take a look at what we accomplished since then!
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We used shared writing to draft letters to our school families to let them know about our upcoming art and craft sale. In our letter, we shared why we were doing this project and how and when they could support it. 
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Great scissor skill development, as well as a mini-lesson on the concept of half. We cut all the notes in half! 
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We visited every classroom in our school. The first time, we asked how many kids were in the classroom. Then we returned to our classroom and counted that many notes, bundling them and printing the grade and number of kids on each bundle. Then we delivered the notes. Such good practice in being brave and knocking on doors, asking questions, the number sequence, 1-1 correspondence, and printing numbers. 
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We were each responsible for doing some advertising. All of us called three people to tell them about the sale!

And finally the big day of the sale arrived. In the morning we set up our classroom and decided who would work at each station. We practiced what we would say to people when they came to our classroom. We made signs for each table so people would know how much everything cost. We did our best to copy the letters and numbers--great visual-motor coordination! 
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This was difficult but we did it! Our signs looked terrific, and our teacher was so proud of us for doing it independently. 
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Ready to sell some crafts!
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These handprint reindeer were very popular items! 
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We asked our families to donate cookies and sweet treats. This was a very popular table and all the JK kiddos wanted to work here! We decided to take turns. 
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Ready for our shoppers to arrive--we are so excited!
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Our sale was busy from the beginning and we sold nearly everything in no time at all!
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We went home with our parents after the sale, and our teacher locked up the money so we could count it after Christmas holidays!
When we counted the money, we discovered that we raised $181.25. Mrs. Caldwell decided to donate a little bit extra for an even $200. 

We visited the WWF website to find out how many reindeer we could help through the symbolic adoption program. We found out that we could adopt FIVE reindeer. We were so excited! We decided to use Skype Audio to call WWF in person and talk to them about our Reindeer Rescue project. We talked to a really nice woman and she congratulated us on our hard work. She said that it was so inspiring to see little kids making such a big difference in the world. Mrs. Caldwell got a bit tearful when she said this! 
And then last week our adoption kits came in the mail! We received five plush reindeer, adoption certificates, information about reindeer, and some nice posters. It was like Christmas all over again!

We are very eager to do some special activities with our reindeer. We might use them as reading buddies or take turns taking them home and photographing their adventures. Stay tuned for our next project--we're learning about other polar animals now and we have some big plans in the works! 

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