Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tips and Tricks for Tweeting in Kindergarten

While sipping my morning tea and scrolling through my Hootsuite account this morning, a Winnipeg kindergarten teacher whom I follow posted a tweet saying that she was interested in using Twitter in her classroom. Have a look at some of our conversation:
This brief conversation made me reflect on how and why I've been using Twitter in kindergarten. Before using Twitter, I got my feet wet with blogging. I first began blogging in kindergarten in November 2008 after returning from the Microsoft Partners in Learning Global Forum in Hong Kong. I had connected with some amazing teachers who blogged, and blogging seemed like a great way to share what was happening in my classroom and stay in touch with teachers around the world. The teacher who had the biggest impact on my classroom practice with blogging was Kate O'Connell (now Kate Murray). In 2008, Kate was a teacher at Scoil Mhuire in Kilvemnon, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. Her students blogged the adventures of a school mascot, Piggly, who had travelled to the Global Forum in Hong Kong with her. Take a look at some posts from 2008 chronicling the adventures of Piggly in Hong Kong! Kate and I decided that if my classroom got a mascot, we would communicate through our blogs. It was a wonderful project, and our mascot Barkley the Beaver became a beloved member of the kindergarten class.

My kindergarten students were very enthusiastic about our classroom mascot, but composing blog posts as a shared writing activity was painful at times. Even with me acting as a scribe/keyboarder, it was a challenge to our brief attention spans. When I heard about Twitter in 2009, I decided that "microblogging" with 140-character tweets might be just the tool we were looking for. We created a Twitter account, @olcskinders, and began looking for other early years classrooms to follow. The students loved checking Twitter, and composing a number of short tweets throughout our day worked perfectly!

Based on what I've learned in the past few years, here's some Twitter tips and tricks for tweeting in kindergarten.
Use Twitter yourself: the best way to become proficient in using Twitter is by creating your own professional or personal account. Twitter is an amazing tool for professional development and building your own professional learning community. The best way to get started is to visit the Twitter page of another kindergarten teacher, take a look at who they follow, and follow anyone who looks interesting! 

What should you tweet about? Share links to great online resources, ask questions or post a plea for suggestions/resources, retweet tweets that you found interesting, share what you've been reading professionally, funny anecdotes from your day in kindergarten...really, just about anything that other teachers would find useful or amusing! When you're participating in professional learning, it's a great idea to paraphrase important points from the speaker, reflect on what you have heard, and share recommended resources--this scales up the impact so that hundreds and maybe even thousands of people can benefit!

Use a Twitter client: I find the Twitter site to be very limiting in terms of functionality, so I use a Twitter client such as Hootsuite.  Hootsuite can be accessed online (just set up an account and allow access to your Twitter account) or downloaded as an app to your smartphone or tablet. Hootsuite has default streams, such as sent tweet, mentions (very useful to know who is talking about you on Twitter), direct messages, etc. You can also customize Hootsuite and add your own streams, such as hashtags used for conferences or discussion groups  (#kinderchat and #mbkteachers are great ones to follow). To learn more about hashtags, check out this video tutorial.

A word of warning: using a Twitter client for your professional account is invaluable. However, I find that when I project my kindergarten account on our SMART Board, the Hootsuite interface is WAY too busy and confusing for kindergarten students. We always use the plain old Twitter website when reading and sending tweets!

Finding Other Kindergarten Classes to Follow: becoming involved in a professional learning community such as #kinderchat or #mbkteachers will give you access to lots of kindergarten teachers. It's easy to send a tweet saying, "Looking for other K classes to follow and share with on Twitter. Who's interested? #mbkteachers #kinderchat". Or, visit my classroom Twitter account, @olcskinders, and follow any of the classrooms that look like a good fit for your students.

Involving Parents: It's a good idea to inform parents that you will be using Twitter in your kindergarten classroom. Explaining the educational value of such a tool is key for parents to understand that this isn't a waste of classroom time! Here's a link to the note I send home to parents explaining why we use Twitter. The note also contains some video tutorial links and step by step instructions to create their own account so they can become involved with our classroom on Twitter.

How does it look in kindergarten? We usually check our kindergarten Twitter account as part of our morning calendar routine. Our entire calendar is done on the SMART Board in a Notebook file, so it is super easy to include a hyperlink to our Twitter account. We read tweets from other K classrooms and reply as often as we can to encourage dialogue. We write tweets detailing what we will be doing for the day and share links to online games and videos we enjoyed. Other times, we ask questions based on what we are learning (Who would like to share a two-element pattern with us? Who knows what colour red and blue make?), share products we have made (such as our latest Animoto video) or pose a math problem of the day. Some classrooms post Google forms to fill out to collect information (on other communities for example) to enhance their learning.

Composing tweets: We compose tweets in one of three ways...
1) Teacher as scribe/keyboarder: this is the quickest way to get something on Twitter. The students generate the message while I type it. I pause and ask students to supply initial/medial/final sounds and spell simple sight words. Sometimes I talk about starting the sentence with an uppercase letter, leaving a space between words, and choosing the correct punctuation. We re-read the message and make sure it makes sense, then a student presses "tweet" on the SMART Board.
2) Student as keyboarder: sometimes the students do the actual typing while we work together to generate a message. In these instances, I use the pop up keyboard on the SMART Board (you can customize it to display in ABC order, qwerty, or using uppercase/lowercase letters). I often help the student by typing the tricky letters or words while he/she types familiar sounds and sight words. If you are working with a projector but not an interactive whiteboard, plugging in a keyboard such as the Kinderboard from Bridges is a great option! Manitoba teachers: Contact Andrea Marginet at Manitoba Education's Rural and Northern Assistive Technology Lending Library. She can hook you up with a kinderboard to trial in your classroom!
3) Student as scribe: other times, students and I share the pen on the SMART Board, using Notebook software, to compose our message. This gives us an opportunity to practice letter formation and other writing conventions. When our message is complete, we export it as a JPEG file and upload it to Twitter. Tip: supply the other students in the class with little whiteboards and markers. Have them write the message with you so that everyone is busy and engaged!

Mapping outcomes with Google Maps:  There are a few mapping outcomes in Manitoba's social studies curriculum. Discussing and plotting the locations on a map of our Twitter friends is a great way to infuse social studies into our daily tweeting. My students and I created a map using Google Maps that we update as we follow new classrooms. The students find it interesting to calculate how long it would take to drive to the school of a classroom we are following on Twitter! We often take a minute to use Google Street View to check out the school and do a quick internet search to learn about their geographic location and climate.

Using picture files on Twitter: as previously mentioned, SMART Notebook files can be converted to JPEGs and uploaded to Twitter. To give your Twitter followers a window into your classroom, it's very easy to snap a picture with your smartphone or iPad and upload it directly to Twitter. Whether it's an art project, a science experiment, or a pattern that has been created, by snapping a picture it can shared with your followers around the world in seconds. Working with your students to attach a brief tweet to the picture that reflects on the learning takes it to the next level. Just a word of caution: only include student images if you have informed consent from parents and you are operating within the parameters of division policy!

Develop digital citizenship from a young age: using Twitter in the classroom gives you the perfect opportunity to teach ethical, responsible, and safe use of technology and social media. Hopefully lessons learned in kindergarten will prevent cyber bullying and some of the dangerous behavior we hear about in the news! Manitoba Education developed the Literacy with ICT continuum in 2005, and it contains many relevant descriptors for using technology safely and responsibly in the early years. When appropriate, I include the following in our Twitter use:
1) Let's enter our username and password. What is a password? Who can we share it with?
2) Our Twitter friends want to know about us and where we live. Should we use our first and last names on Twitter? Could we give them our home phone numbers? Why would that not be a good idea?
3) Let's share what we've been doing in our Dr. Seuss unit. It would be fun to show a picture from the book Green Eggs and Ham because we just read it. But is that our picture? Did we draw it? Is it okay to share something that we haven't made ourselves?

Twitter Resources and Tools
Kinderchat: the original kindergarten Twitter discussion! Visit this site for Twitter tips and tricks, discussion archives, and information about upcoming projects. It's a gold mine of information for the tweeting K teacher.
Eight Useful and Fun Twitter Tools: some great ones here, and they're all new to me!
Twit Longer: when you're too chatty to contain your message to 140 characters!
Twitter Gets an A+ in Kindergarten Classroom

When infused into your classroom practice, Twitter can provide a wealth of opportunities to meet curricular outcomes and Literacy with ICT descriptors. In 140 characters, it brings the world into your classroom and shares learning with a huge audience. My classroom would love to tweet with yours--please don't hesitate to follow us at @olcskinders. And if you're tweeting professionally about kindergarten practice, please use the hashtag #mbkteachers in your tweets. Happy tweeting :)


  1. Devon, I am so glad I read this post! It was exactly what I was looking for!! I plan to pin it/bookmark it and come back to digest each piece. I am a blogger myself and have a class blog, but I just started using Twitter and I keep thinking my next step (maybe next year) is to have my class on twitter. Thanks you so much!! Melissa

  2. Hi Melissa,
    Thank you so much for your feedback! I just visited your blog, and wow! I will be doing the same thing--visiting frequently and absorbing all that fantastic information one bit at a time.

    Does your class use skype? Let me know, we'd love to chat sometime!

  3. Workbooks are a popular kindergarten prep suggestion. A New Jersey mom shares, "My son loves the workbooks you can buy at almost any store. They have draw by numbers and color by numbers, what doesn't belong in the pictures and finding items in pictures."
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