Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's the Perfect Time to Study Polar Animals

Manitoba has been in quite a cold snap lately (temperatures as cold as -43 degrees Celsius with the windchill), and the animals that endure these temperatures on a regular basis seemed like a good focus for learning. We just met Peter Puppy in Letterland, and I always enjoy matching our letter/sound to a relevant area of study. For the next couple of weeks, we are excited to read, write, investigate, and share about penguins, polar bears, seals, walruses, and whales!

Penguin Attendance for the SMART Board--modify this template from SMART Exchange!

Activating Prior Knowledge with Brain Pop Junior
We viewed this free video on Arctic Habitats (no subscription required for this one)

KWL (Know, Want to Learn, Learned)

Positional Language with Polar Bears
Join the Mailbox teachers' magazine site for great free resources. The booklet "Polar Bear on the Go" is cute and free!

Stay tuned....more to come later this week!

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